The original yellow Giant Pencil Floor Lamp is a classic design piece and talking point for any office or home. Unlike a traditional lamp, with Drew, the cord is a feature. Scribble over your surfaces and transform an everyday space into something special.

Drew’s solid cedar body is entirely hand crafted in Sydney, Australia, expertly worked mimicking the traditional pencil making method. The ring is made of hand spun brass. The eraser, re imagined for housing the bulb, has been created using a traditional lampworking method. 

Drew's black steel stand is curved by hand to resemble a scribble and allows Drew to hover on the surface as if held by an invisible hand. The stand near seamlessly flows into 8 metres of rubber cable that you can use to simulate a drawing.

Made to order.

- I.65 meters tall 
- Steel Stand (optional)
- Yellow satin finish with gold type 
- Hand spun polished brass ring 
- White blown glass light diffuser 
- Resin tip  
- 8m to scribble with

Giant Drew Floor Lamp

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