The Details
– Height: 47cm/18 inches 
– Solid Wood
– Polished Brass
– Dimmable
– USB Connected
– Region Specific Plug Included
– 5V DC Input
– 220 Lumen (equivalent 25w bulb)
– Non-replaceable, Long Lasting LED (approx. 20+ years)

Drew hovers on the surface as if held by an invisible hand and unlike a traditional lamp, with Drew, the cord is a feature. Scribble over your surfaces and transform an everyday space into something special.

The ideal lamp to inspire, simply twist to turn on and light up your imagination. Standing 47cm tall, the LED light and USB power connection means Drew is not only a handsome design piece but also safe and functional. Made of solid wood, polished brass and a polycarbonate diffuser, Michael & George insured every element is a fitting tribute to the humble pencil.

Below George takes you through a few of Drew's key features.

Drew Table Lamp

$299.00 Regular Price
$239.00Sale Price
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