Updated: Oct 15, 2019

The Guggenheim New York. The world-famous modern art museum designed by Frank Loyd Wright houses some of the most inspiring and famous Artworks in the World. An now it also features Drew the Pencil Lamp.

We were privileged to be asked by the Guggenheim Store to participate in their seasonal window displays themed “bright ideas". We created two custom Guggenheim Giant Drews, one yellow and one black to displayed in the 2 metre glass cube that sits front and centre of the museum opposite Central Park. 

Drew was originally conceived while looking for a moment of inspiration in that place between existing ideas, where something new is created. I'd love to think thats where Gauguin and Picasso found themselves when creating the works that now hang in the Guggenheim. 

Although Drew may be no Picasso we do consider him an Artwork, a functional sculpture. Crafted with as much care as the painter capturing their imagination on the canvas.

Drew starts as two raw cedar lengths and before he's finished, 25 labour intensive steps and five straight days have passed. We work with Cedar as it has been chosen material for the finest pencils for centuries, but it also has a fine grain, beautiful scent and is harvested sustainably.  The process for creating Drew is much the same as the his smaller cousins but as it's on a much a grander scale. We spent countless hours creating the necessary mechanisms, including a giant sharpener to shave him ;)

Take a peek behind the Michael & George curtain (or the the roller door of our Marrickville workshop) at what goes into crafting each of our Giant Drew's.

Giant Drew Guggenheim installation will be up until the End of September, so if your on the Upper East Side of New York City beside to take a look at him (and maybe check out Picasso while your there ;) 


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