Drew in BLACK (Exclusive batch of 20)

Drew in BLACK (Exclusive batch of 20)


Drew in Black Limited Edition.

Own an EXCLUSIVE first run Drew in Black. Each lamp signed & numbered 1-20.

Items included: 1x first run black Drew desk lamp with USB power connection and separate region specific plug. Comes with certificate of authentication.

Drew is made just like a traditional pencil, but on a grander scale. Our focus was to create a lamp that would bring a room a sense of fun and whimsy while also produce something highly designed and meticulously engineered.

We've designed a unique way to turn on your Drew, inspired by the beginning of the creative process - picking up a pencil. The twist to turn on functionality and dimmer allows you to twist a little for a subtle light, or twist a lot for a more intense illumination (bright enough to work by).

Combining form, function and quality materials Drew's clever design aims to illuminate your world and your imagination.

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